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Take The Chance While You Still Have The Choice

Growing up I always loved taking pictures, but now it has become one of my biggest passions. So, thank you for visiting my website!

Below is a brief history about myself.

My Bucket List is very important to me. I believe in doing the things you want to do while you have the chance to do them. Waiting for the right time, wanting to save more money, getting buckled down in work, waiting until you're older, are excuses I refuse to live by. I am young, I am adventurous, I have an able-body, and I have enough to sustain a curious mind. So, why not?

I went to college in the same state that I grew up in (Go, Wolfpack!) and there's nothing wrong with that. However, I didn't fully appreciate everything life had to offer until I graduated. As a graduation gift, my mom allowed me and a friend to go on a 7 country trip with graduates from other colleges. We went to England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Greece. What a trip! I definitely caught the travel bug and when I returned, decided it was time to move out of North Carolina.

I was accepted into the AmeriCorps program in Arlington, Virginia and I was excited to live in WASHINGTON, DC!! I felt so cool, like the world was my oyster. However, after AmeriCorps ended, I moved back to North Carolina for a job opportunity and stayed there for 3 years until I was tired of the monotonous life I was living and thought, "WHAT AM I DOING?" I found the Bucket List I wrote so many years ago after my father died and was faced with the realization of how short life can be. As I scanned through the list, I was disappointed in myself for not doing anything I had written down. Then I came across, "Live in New York City" and that was it. That was going to be the first big item I was going to check off my list. It was now or never. I got a second job to save money for the high cost of living that I was about to experience, but before I knew it, I quit both jobs, and bought a one way ticket to NYC...without a job. I only knew two people, one of whom was moving to Seattle the weekend I moved up. I found myself alone in an intimidating new place. I needed a job, a place to live, and friends...ASAP! Fortunately, things started to fall into place--I moved into my friend's apartment when she left for Seattle, I got a job after two weeks of searching, and I made friends at work! This was meant to be. I was proud of myself for finally taking action. Since then, I haven't been able to stop. I'm still living in NYC after 3 years and I'm just as dedicated to traveling, experiencing new things, making quality friendships, learning as much as I can, and checking off my Bucket List items.

I've fallen in love with this city and everything it has to offer, especially from a photographer's point of view. Everywhere I turn, every place I go, there is always something worthy of being photographed. I can't get enough. And, while I may be an amateur photographer, I believe I can capture beauty in just about anything. Please continue to visit my site for the newest and best photographs from my trips and everyday life.

As you will notice in my photographs, some of my big travels have also included..,

Thailand: 2013

Argentina and Chile: 2014

Yosemite National Park-Half Dome and San Francisco: 2015

Croatia and Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Page & Sedona, Arizona: 2016

Shenandoah National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park: 2017

The image above is of me on the roof of my apartment building in Alphabet City--a thriving and vivacious neighborhood in Manhattan. If that's not a great view, I don't know what is.


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