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NYC Will Forever Have My Heart

When you’re tired of the horrendous smells, the constant honking, the clusters of tourists, and the sleepless nights, you see someone give up their seat on the subway for an elderly person. You hear a complete stranger say, “bless you” when someone sneezes as they walk by. You see a defeated individual sitting on the sidewalk with nothing but a cup of change, just trying to get enough money for food and a young professional handing him a hot meal.

The lights of the buildings against a stark black backdrop take your breath away. The sunsets that fall over Manhattan’s skyline leave you mesmerized. The 10 different languages you hear on your walk to the bodega for some coffee replace the need for Spotify as they drift through the air like a lullaby. And for me, you get to work for an amazing company day in and day out, with co-workers that have become some of your favorite friends.

Needless to say, NYC has captured my heart. This city is incredible and no matter how hard one may try, it’s truly indescribable. I came here because it was one of my bucket list items. I felt compelled to be here, though I wasn’t completely sure why. And now, just three and a half years later, the endless reasons of why I love this city leave me wondering why it took me so long to move here.

Thank you, NYC for showing me how to live fiercely and passionately. Thank you for your daily inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for allowing everyone to be exactly who they want to be. And, thank you for shaping me into a stronger individual. I will treasure the memories I’ve made here, the friendships I’ve built, the lessons I’ve learned, the different cultures I’ve been exposed to, and the hustle and bustle of city life. New York City will forever have part of my heart. I will miss you!

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